Facetune Mod Apk Download For Android

Facetune Mod Apk: A magazine always needs its photos to look more attractive with shining faces. So expensive tools like Photoshop are used over there.  But achieving that quality pictures is also possible with the facetune application.

Facetune For Mac

Facetune Mod Apk

It is a user-friendly application which is much powerful. Earlier only professionals were allowed to use this app. But now everyone can use this app to make their pictures quality like those of glossy magazines. Simple customization with this app will make your picture more stunning.

Download Facetune Mod Apk Unlocked For Android

For portraits and selfies, facetune mod apk can be chosen as one of the most powerful unlocked photo editors. You can add all unlocked portraits as well as selfies with facetune mod apk. So download this stunning facetune mod apk and be more confident regarding look in this visually oriented world, Where an attractive photo portrait is much important.

Facetune Mod Apk

Not much of the picture editing apps allow you to edit all parts of your face. But facetune is much power in that case. So in this visually oriented world, why should not we download it on our mobile to take great photos.

Features Of Facetune Mod Apk

  • Beautiful smile: it widens and refines your smile to make your smile more attractive.

Facetune Mod Apk

  • Beautiful skin: It can smoothen and rejuvenate your skin. Removes the under dark eye circle and makes the pic clear.
  • Bright eye: It can change your eye color in the picture. Red-eye removal and white eye effects are possible here.
  • Hair design: It can color your gray hair as well as can cover the bald areas. Stray hairs can also be removed.
  • Face Reshape: It will allow you to make any kind of changes on the face to make it gorgeous.
  • You can modify your pictures in different aspects, like blurring the picture or adding a frame to it.
  • Facetune allows you to share your pics directly on social media.

Steps To Install Facetune Mod Apk On Android

  • First of all, to install a third-party application, you need to enable ‘Unknown sources.’ So go to ‘Settings’ and then enable ‘Unknown Sources’ under ‘Security.’
  • Now open the download folder of mod apk files and install it.
  • Then run the apk file and start enjoying it.

Well in some cases while installing modded apk or games some special cases are also observed.

  • Whether it is a mod apk or mod game, after installation some of them needs OBB Data to start its function.
  • If it has OBB or DATA then below steps to be followed.
  • For Android / Data – First, you have to enter the Android folder followed by data folder. Then you can paste the additional data into the folder.
  • For Android/ OBB –  First, you have to enter the Android folder followed by OBB  folder. Then you can paste the additional data into the folder.


So what are you waiting for? Go and install Facetune on your mobile and take stunning portrait and selfies.

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